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Spring Cleaning in Voiceover: Make Space for New Growth

You know that satisfying feeling when you grab a rake and clear away winter leaves from your yard? It's like a breath of fresh air for your garden. Record high temps recently in the middle of our typically coldest month inspired me to do just that - peel back the layers of yard debris, excited to welcome signs of growth poking through the cold earth underneath. 

Professional Voiceover artist Shelley Baldiga spring cleaning

Clutter piles up

Removing clutter in your voiceover studio (which occasionally means letting go of clients who want more of your time for less) can be like spring cleaning in the garden. Imagine the scattered papers, old audition scripts or sticky notes as the leaves. They accumulate, making it hard for new ideas and opportunities to sprout. Removing that debris in your voiceover business is a deliberate act to create space and time for fresh growth and new projects.

Decide what to cut

In the garden, you have to decide what stays and what goes, right? Same deal in your voiceover studio. Look at your to-do list - what’s essential, what's immediate, what’s long term, and (I know it’s hard) what just needs to go. If you’re like me, notes from old phone calls and potential projects lay in stacks across your desk. Just as clearing leaves lets sunlight reach the soil, cleaning out clutter in the studio or from your calendar, allows creativity and productivity to shine through. 

Professional voice over artist Shelley Baldiga spring garden
Spring bulbs on the way!

Let opportunities bloom

Even though there's still a month or more before spring actually arrives, imagine the sun coming to your studio. Create an environment where ideas are free to bloom without being stifled by remnants of the past. Make space for new beginnings and a more vibrant, productive voiceover business.

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