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Shelley Baldiga Professional Female Voice Actor


Enliven VO

Clean, bright, and playfully on point.

About shelley

Fresh, friendly, smart, trustworthy, and altogether approachable female voice actor, Shelley Baldiga, is known for bringing both energy and ease to projects. 

Shelley Baldiga Professional Female Voice Actor


Whether she’s guiding patients through critical health decisions in interactive
e-learning, highlighting the thrill of world-class ski resorts, or delivering a heartfelt response to the pandemic for one of the largest brands in the world – Shelley can inspire, inform, or reassure in a way that is as authentically moving as it is memorable.

Shelley Baldiga Professional Female Voice Actor


This accomplished communicator started her career as an award-winning TV news reporter and anchor, gradually evolving to voiceover full time. Great brands like Olly Vitamins, Toyota, Coke, TRowe Price, Apple, Citibank, Scotch and Lancôme as well as the Obama for America Official Campaign have all trusted Shelley to infuse vivid life into their messages. Easily directed and extremely versatile, her clients can depend on her top-notch professionalism and ultra swift turnaround.

Shelley Baldiga Professional Female Voice Actor


To call Shelley an outdoor enthusiast might be a bit of an understatement. When not recording from her state-of-the-art home studio, you’ll find her skiing, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, practicing yoga, gardening – adventuring and enjoying life with family and friends in the Idaho mountains.


Let Shelley’s clean, bright, and playfully on point voice acting enliven your story and hear your brand at its absolute best. 

Shelley Baldiga Professional Female Voice Actor
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